Name: Azuma

Gender: Male

Birthday: December 2nd

Age: 18 (Physically) 13,950 (Chronologically)


Mei (Younger sister)

Haru (Older brother)

Race: Demon

Height: 205 cm (6'9'')

Weight: 61 kg

Eye colour: Light blue

Hair colour: Red

Occupation: 2nd year secondary school student


Azuma was born in the demons realm, he spent all of his childhood there, but as he grew older he decided to move to planet Earth, he currently resides in Sydney, Australia He likes to tease Hajime on the internet including Facebook saying ''Hajime is a loli'' One of his sneezes destroyed London, England He is capable of making mega-quakes which are extremely destructive to planet Earth, he is usually cautious not to destroy his house and kill everyone near Sydney