Name: Chizuru

Gender: Female

Birthday: November 30th

Age: 14 (Physically) 10,000 (Chronologically)


Ryuuzaki (older brother)

Hajime (older brother)

Ichiru (older brother)

Hanako (younger sister)

Ritsuko (cousin)

Keiichi (nephew)

Kazuma (nephew)

Rena (niece)

Race: Half Demon Half Vampire

Height: 185 cm (6'1'')

Weight: 53 kg

Eye colour: Light purple

Hair colour: Light purple

Occupation: 2nd year middle school student


Chizuru is a young and beautiful lady she is cheerful and always smiles, she greatly resembles her mother, she inherted her eye and hair colour and also her kind personality, she adores her older siblings it is said that she is seen at school or hanging out with her cousin