Name: Hajime

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 4th

Age: 18 (Physically) 13,000 (Chronologically)


Ryuzaki (Older brother)

Ichiro (Younger brother)

Chizuru (Younger sister)

Hanako (younger sister)

Ritsuko (cousin)

Keiichi (nephew)

Kazuma (nephew)

Rena (niece)

Race: Demon

Height: 203 cm (6'8'')

Weight: 60 kg

Eye colour: Yellow

Hair colour: Dark red

Occupation: 2nd year secondary school

Story: Hajime was born in a realm alongside his siblings, when his parents died, the oldest brother took action and decided to move them to a planet called ''Earth'' they lived in Auckland, New Zealand his older brother said that he'll take care of everything, but Hajime insisted to help him with everything as a result Ryuzuuki accepted his offer.