Name: Hanako

Gender: Female

Birthday: August 22nd

Age: 11 (Physically) 8,000 (Chronologically)


Ryuuzaki (older brother)

Hajime (older brother)

Ichiru (older brother)

Chizuru (older sister)

Ritsuko (cousin)

Keiichi (nephew)

Kazuma (nephew)

Rena (niece)

Race: Demon

Height: 165 cm (5'5'')

Weight 49 kg

Eye colour: Light Blue

Hair colour: Aqua

Occupation: 3rd year elementary school student


Hanako is a young and beautiful girl with exceptional powers she is always seen alone eating lunch in the school's rooftop, when she's home, she doesn't talk much, she is never seen exhibiting emotions, her older siblings are worried that something might be wrong with her, also her parents died when she was only 3 years old