Name: Ichiru

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 21st

Age: 16 (Physically) 12,000 (Chronologically)


Hajime (older brother)

Ryuuzaki (older brother)

Chizuru (younger sister)

Hanako (younger sister)

Ritsuko (cousin)

Keiichi (nephew)

Kazuma (nephew)

Rena (niece)

Race: Vampire

Height: 198 cm (6'6'')

Weight: 55 kg

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Light to dark blue hair

Occupation: 1st year secondary school student


Ichiru is a tall and handsome teenager, he has a shy but quick-tempered personality, he is usually seen with his older brothers at lunchtime or home, Ichiru is a the third strongest son in the family, he can manipulate time and read people's mind, he doesn't like reading his older brothers thoughts because Ryuuzaki and Hajime have a strong sense of feeling