Name: Mitsuru


Age: 19 (Physically) 14,900 (Chronologically)

Birthday: November 14th

Race: Half Human Half Dragon

Height: 200 cm (6'7'')

Weight: 60.5 kg

Eye colour: Light brown

Hair colour: Brown with slight redness

Occupation: 3rd year secondary school student

Backstory: Mitsuru was born in the dragon realm, he has a younger brother, they both were raised in Reykjavik, Iceland, mitsuru lived nearly all his life in Iceland then decided to move to New Zealand to study, while his younger brother decided to study in Brisbane, Australia, the countries weren't that far apart, they used Skype or Facebook to contact each other

Mitsuru has a bad habit of stalking his best friend Ryuzaki it seems like he is hiding something from him

His mother is a human while his father is a dragon

He is an introvert who doesn't like talking much about his life or family