Name: Ryuuzaki

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 5th

Age: 19 (Physically) 15,000 (Chronologically)


Ritsuko (Wife, cousin)

Hajime (younger brother)

Ichiro (younger brother)

Chizuru (younger sister)

Hanako (younger sister)

Keiichi (son)

Kazuma (son)

Rena (daughter)

Race: Half Demon Half Vampire

Height: 215 cm (7'1'')

Weight: 58 kg

Eye colour: Red (left) Orange (right)

Hair colour: Pale blonde

Occupation: 3rd year secondary school student

backstory: Ryuuzaki is a tall and handsome man, he is the oldest son and strongest in the family, he's priority is to protect his family especially his younger sister since she doesn't know how to control her powers one time she destroyed the entire city of Tokyo, making a big crater and splitting japan into two islands and affecting nearby areas, he is usually seen at school or home.